Integrative Eye Health Care at Hekla Acupuncture & Wellness is an acupuncture-based treatment for degenerative eye diseases and other serious eye conditions, combining a whole-body health approach. Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Micro Acupuncture 48 treatment protocol, and whole-body health.

At Hekla Acupuncture, we offer both a five- and ten-day treatment protocol. We recommend that first-time patients come for two weeks (ten days of once daily treatment) so we can get a better understanding of the patient and see how he or she responds to treatment. Some patients have the most response during a five-day session, while others do best on a ten-day protocol.

What To Expect

We review the patient’s medical history and conduct basic vision tests. It is recommended to bring your latest test reports with you (request a copy prior to your first appointment). This is critical to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.
Therapy consists of one 30-minute treatment a day for 10 days or two 30-minute treatments a day with an hour break between treatments. Treatment methods vary depending on the patient and eye condition and may include micro-acupuncture, acu-laser therapy, electro-acupuncture and auricular acupuncture.
Nutritional supplements may be recommended.

At the end of ten treatments, we repeat the vision test to determine if the treatments are working.

At the end of the treatment program, patients are provided with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations designed to address underlying health conditions, nourish their eyes and help maintain their eyesight.

While eighty-five percent of patients respond positively to the treatment, there are some patients who do not respond to acupuncture.

Post Treatment Care

Ongoing Treatment/Maintenance

New patients must understand that this is not a “miracle cure.” It takes time for some patients to see results where others see improvements right away. Once we recover whatever lost vision we can, the goal is to retain remaining eyesight through maintenance treatments. Degenerative eye conditions need ongoing maintenance and will only get worse if neglected. The frequency of maintenance visits will vary depending on the patient and their individual conditions. Most patients return for treatment every three or four months for the first year, then continue with maintenance treatments twice a year, or whatever treatment frequency is recommended.

Retina Pigmentosa Study conducted with Micro Acupuncture 48 protocol: