Children’s acupuncture treatments differ from adult acupuncture treatments.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, children are considered pure yang or pure energy, not yet possessing the yin and yang balance adults do, and need to be treated as such.

A patient history is taken, involving the child as much as age or level of comfort allows.

A discussion of “taps”, the tiny acupuncture needles used, occurs, introducing them to the concept of acupuncture, determining their comfort level and developing a trusting relationship.

The amount of “taps” used is based on the child’s comfort level or apprehension. Retention of the acupuncture needle is based on the age of the child and their restlessness. Children 10 and under often do not have any retention time, the tiny acupuncture needle is inserted at the acupuncture point and withdrawn almost immediately. By around 10 years of age, 10 minutes of retention time is the goal, but is something that can be worked towards.


If there is a great fear or phobia of needles, or if the child has been tricked before, great care is taken to introduce the difference of acupuncture needles, that they are the size of a coarse hair, but treatments are not coerced. Other forms of non-needle treatment is available, include the Stimplus Pro, a micro current treatment or a red or blue laser light tools (FDA certified laser product).

The goal is to help improve a child’s quality of life, by establishing a trusting relationship, and by treating the child with the utmost respect.  A parent or caregiver will be involved by being taught calming massages, acupressure points and application, are often dietary changes are often recommended.  Acupuncture helps a body heal.  Healing can take time.  Because children are pure energy, they often respond and heal quicker than adults, but their conditions are also unique to them.